Coal Products in County Durham

As we are an approved coal merchant, all our products have been passed by the Coal Federation, so our customers know they are getting good quality approved fuel. We have different grades of coal for open fires and smokeless fuels for stoves, Ray Burns, Agas and open fires.

There are 2 grades of coal:

  • Best Doubles
  • Cobbles
  • Diamond Brite - These are coal based ovoids which are subtitle for both open fires and multi-fuel stoves

There are 4 grades of smokeless fuel:

  • Coke - This can be used on any enclosed fire or stove
  • Anthracite Doubles - This can be used on any enclosed fire or stove
  • Excel/Gaunles Glo (also known as ovoids or duck eggs) — These can be used on open fires (for smokeless zone areas) and any enclosed fire or stove.
  • Anthracite Pea Beans - These are used on self feed boilers only

We are also stockist of coal bunkers:

  • 6 bag bunker - Capacity - 300kg
  • 10 bag bunker - Capacity - 500kg

We also stock logs and sticks:

At our yard we have a cash and carry facility where customers can collect all of the following products:

  • Coal - 20kg, sealed pre-packed bags
  • Smokeless — 20kg, Anthracite, Coke, excel and mixed bags of coke and anthracite
  • Larger quantities (loose or bagged) can also be collected from the yard, however phoning first would be advisable.
  • We also deliver pre-packed, to HOMES, SHOPS & GARAGES contact for details

Alternatively you can get any of these delivered on our weekly coal rounds where there is no delivery charge on any products including bunkers. Please telephone the office for delivery days and prices. We also give discounts on bulk deliveries including 2 Ton plus. It is beneficial to buy in the summer months if you have storage space as there is usually a price increase come Autumn.

  • We are also stockist of Fire Power Wood Pellets available in 15Kg bags collected or Delivered in full or half pallets please contact our office for further details.

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