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Additives For Heating Oil and Gas Oil

We supply additives for improved efficiency and cleaner burning.  Ask one of our team for details of our range of additives. We stock SF Diesel Supreme and Exocet Cooker Additive  and Premium Heating Oil Additive, we can order other additives as required. 

Premium Additive Simpson Fuels

Exocet Premium Heating Oil

This premium additive can be used to create a premium grade fuel. It is available with the inclusion of fragrance for use in environments sensitive to fuel odours or where sensory evidence of the premium fuel needs to be demonstrated.

This additive treats up to 1000 litres of heating oil or kerosene.

The benefits of this premium additive include:

  • lowers carbon emissions
  • stabilises fuel, increases its shelf life
  • Inhibits sludge formation
  • Reduces deposit build up around nozzles and on heat exchange surfaces
  • Reduces service problems
  • Improves system efficiency
  • Has a fresh fuel fragrance (fragranced version, please note this is available to order on request).

Premium additive heating oil

Exocet Cooker Additive

Exocet Cooker Additive comes highly recommended and was designed to improve Domestic Heating Oil or Kerosene for AGA, Rayburn and similar oil burning ovens.  

This additive treats up to 1000 litres of heating oil or kerosene.

Some of the benefits of Exocet Cooker Additive include:

  • reduction of deposit build-up around nozzle
  • improved efficiency due to complete fuel combustion
  • minimising servicing issues due to more complete burn
  • improved burn quality

SF Diesel Supreme Simpsons

SF Diesel Supreme

SF Diesel Supreme is an add-in product formulated to allow both gas oil and diesel engines to compensate for the potentially harmful effects of a higher Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) content e.g. tendency for water pick-up. The product can additionally enhance the performance of older vehicles. 

One bottle treats up to 2000 litres of diesel.

Some of the benefits of SF Diesel Supreme include:

  • easier starting
  • increased cetane number
  • reduced deposit formation
  • reduced emissions
  • increased pulling power
  • improved combustion efficiency
  • prolong the life of fuel pumps and fuel injectors
  • reduces friction
  • enhanced water resistance
  • prevents filter blockages and emulsions forming
  • improved fuel lubricity

Some our most FAQ

What type of oil do I need?

Our standard domestic heating oil is kerosene (28 sec), which is suitable for nearly all domestic requirements and oil fired boilers. We also supply additives to our standard kerosene (28 sec) which minimise consumption, maximise output efficiency and reduce...

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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, cheques and card payments.  You can pay direct into our bank using BACS. Please phone us on 01388 718359 for details. We offer payment plans subject to Terms and Conditions. Please contact us in order to ask about the payment plans we offer.  

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When will my delivery be made?

We will advise you of an approximate delivery date when you order.  We aim to deliver between 48 and 72 hours, (2-3 days) during Spring, Summer and Autumn. During our busiest times, Winter, it may be up to 7 days.  Please do order in plenty of time. If you think you...

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Do I need to be at home for my delivery?

Usually you do NOT need to be at home when we are coming to deliver your oil.  For regular customers where we have visited the property before, please just ensure that any gates or access routes to your tank are unlocked and accessible.  If your tank has a lock please...

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Ask about our additives when you order your Kerosene or Gas Oil. One of our team will be happy to advise you.



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